Spécifications du produit


It is made of materials highly resistant to corrosion and extreme conditions.

Light Weight

The entire equipment weighs at most 6kg, all is carried with one hand.


Compared to other security solutions the VanGripper has a very competitive cost.


1. Arm

Slim and elegant!

The arm of the equipment was measured to have the ideal length to allow an easy and safe installation.

2. Gripping Hand

Robust and ultra-slippery.

The hand is the part that grips onto the rail, the part that does all the work.

3. Le releveur

Small but twice as pratical!

This part prevents the user’s hand to slip during the installation and optimizes sliding on the rails.

4. The Grip

Cushioned and anti-slip.

It allows a comfortable transport and installation.

VanGripper comes well equipped!

In the box you will find: a tightener, two lanyards, a positioning belt and two stopping blocks.

Other accessories are also available ask a VanGripper representative.